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Reconstructive Trauma Surgery

ankle fractureTrauma refers to an injury resulting in a sprain, strain, or fracture. Any injury to the foot or ankle can result in inflammation, pain, or difficulty walking. Foot and ankle trauma can be caused from many different scenarios, such as playing a sport or recreational activity, tripping or falling, landing awkwardly, walking on an uneven surface, or even a sudden impact, such as a car accident.

In podiatry, reconstructive surgery has various goals. It can be performed to relieve pain or discomfort, and it can also correct the functionality and stability of the foot or ankle that has been impaired from trauma, infection, abnormalities, illness, etc. Reconstructive trauma surgery specifically focuses on treating or repairing conditions or injuries that have resulted in trauma to the foot or ankle.

The type of surgery performed depends on the condition or injury that is being treated and the location of the trauma.  Some surgeries may involve the use of pins, screws, plates, or other forms of hardware.  Reconstructive trauma surgery may also involve complex procedures including bone fusion or grafting, tendon transfer, soft tissue repair, and joint implantation. Depending on the procedure, a cast or splint may be placed post-surgery to ensure proper healing. Aftercare may include plenty of rest, icing, elevating the foot, possible rehabilitation, and keeping the affected foot or ankle clean and dry.

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